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Dr. Karolyn Surmont

Chiropractic gives us the ability to foster healing and improve our state of wellness every day. When I was young and had the opportunity to explore the world, I saw so much order that I came to realize the universe and all that is in it was created by God. I recognized that our bodies are a gift from God and designed perfectly to be self-developing, self-organizing, self-maintaining, and self-healing. Desiring to know more about God I attended Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit earning a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Theology and then went to work for the Church for a few years.


My Why

Raising my children I came to the realization that the current medical model not only didn’t fit with my view of healing but it didn’t fit with my view of what God intended for us. God intended us to have an innate ability to heal ourselves, I don’t believe He intended for us to be on drugs masking symptoms instead of addressing the cause of symptoms.


My oldest son suffered a traumatic brain injury as a teenager. When traditional medicine couldn’t heal him or help him achieve a reasonable quality of life, we turned to holistic approaches of care including chiropractic and finally found results. It was then I decided to study chiropractic so that I could help my son. In doing so I came to realize that serving others is, and always has been, my calling.

My Vision

God designed the human body with an innate ability to heal itself, naturally. It is my vision to: 

  • Help people move past the current medical practice of masking symptoms with drugs and instead to choose to harness the power of the brain to heal the body.  

  • Empower families to restore hope and preserve health naturally so that you and your family can live an optimal life.

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