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Juliet, a vibrant 3-year-old, was diagnosed with echolalia, which made it difficult for her to express her own needs and thoughts. Her parents had been seeking help from a neuro-based chiropractor in New York but were disheartened by the lack of progress. Desperate for a breakthrough, they discovered His Work My Hands Chiropractic through and decided to travel to South Florida for a two-week intensive program.

This program involved two adjustments per day, six days a week, aimed at jumpstarting Juliet's nervous system to help her develop her own unique thoughts. Before starting care, Juliet could only repeat words and phrases she had heard before, never able to truly express herself. Our doctors quickly realized that Juliet's nervous system was stuck in a constant state of fight or flight, preventing her from developing and maturing as she should.

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During her two weeks with us, Juliet's transformation was nothing short of miraculous. For the first time ever, she called her mom and began to express her emotions, whether she was angry, sad, or happy. She even learned to regulate her emotions, asking for more time to cry, a hug, or to scream when she needed it. Witnessing Juliet process her emotions for the first time was a huge step, even if it meant seeing her have a meltdown.

Juliet also began potty training herself during this period. With her newfound ability to express her sensations and needs, she could tell her mom when she needed to go. Juliet’s mom was overwhelmed with joy, watching her daughter make such incredible strides in just two weeks. She left our office in tears of happiness, amazed at Juliet’s transformation.

Juliet's journey at His Work My Hands Chiropractic has brought immense relief and joy to her family. Her story is a testament to the power of chiropractic care, helping her develop, thrive, and express herself in ways they had only dreamed of.

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