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Stress starts early within prenatal development, continues throughout the birth process and into life. With so much development happening within the first few years, a strong neurological foundation is vital. Stuck stress within the nervous system can lead to systemic dysfunctions such as digestive issues, colic, ear infections, infantile reflux, and feeding issues. Without proper help, as babies develop into active toddlers, they don’t "grow out of" these struggles but "grow into" other concerns. Parents find their kids dealing with sensory processing issues, immune system dysfunction, attention, focus, and behavior challenges. We recognize the true potential of all kids and want to see them thriving through a well adapted nervous system. We believe kids deserve the highest level of health, happiness, and well-being available to them. Pediatric chiropractic encourages proper neurological development. This enhances coordination, language, and regulation of emotions by making sure that their nervous system can adapt properly through everyday stressors.


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey women are uniquely designed for and we want to honor that at His Work My Hands Chiropractic. In today’s society pregnancy is often viewed as a medical condition, seemingly meant to be managed with treatments instead of supported and cared for. There are many changes mamas go through during this journey, but the most vital change is that her nervous system is now supporting the development of her baby. All physical, mental, emotional, and chemical stressors that mom’s nervous system goes through is directly connected to the growth and development of the baby. At His Work My Hands Chiropractic, our doctors utilize Webster Technique to provide a safe and effective adjustment for mom. Our team is passionate about supporting and empowering moms during their pregnancy. It is vital for mamas to be able to experience the best energy, sleep, activities, and productivity. Maintaining a well functioning nervous system can improve the overall experience of pregnant moms.


Adults and Families

At His Work My Hands Chiropractic, one of our big missions is to see individuals living their fullest potential. It takes intentionality, time, focus, and energy to manage a family, along with the various activities, events and demands that life entails. As adults, we take on stress differently. When mental, emotional, physical and chemical stressors begin to pile up, lack of sleep, irritability, poor digestion, body fatigue, and tension start to creep in, stressing the immune system as well as the ability to regulate behavior and emotions. Neurological chiropractic encourages the nervous system’s ability to adapt and respond to experiences and events in life so that you can continue to grow and heal optimally. By living through a well functioning and adaptive nervous system, parents will have the space to intentionally raise their children, allowing the freedom to thrive as a  family unit.

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